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ATR - Accuracy, Timeliness, Responsiveness

Frequently Asked Questions
Question What does ATR stand for? Answer Accuracy

ATR takes its name from the three qualities most valued by plan sponsors.

Question How long has ATR been in business? Answer ATR is a professional services firm that was formed in January 1991.
Question What is the structure of the company? Answer ATR is a privately-held corporation.
Question What types of services does ATR provide? Answer ATR provides wide range of professional services in two distinct areas.

Our first area of focus and expertise is in defined contribution plans. We provide plan consulting, administration, recordkeeping, compliance and communication services for qualified and nonqualified plans ranging from 4 participants to 6,000 participants.

ATR also provides professional consulting services covering employee benefits, payroll, human resources and technology. Our consulting projects have included operational efficiency of administration, total benefits outsourcing, market review and analysis, product development, recordkeeper selection, technology review and selection, regulatory compliance strategy and employee benefit software design.

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Question What software do you use to support your defined contribution recordkeeping operation? Answer We use a relational database management system and report writer to support plan accounting services. These tools give us the flexibility to customize every aspect of our service from plan design support to accounting methods to report formats. We have developed efficient procedures to adapt our tool sets for each client, and thorough testing and operational controls to ensure accuracy.

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